TD3 R1

Cabin booth integrated air conditioning and thermoregulation system
Central body: anodised aluminium


  • Synthetic fibre pre-filtering element that eliminates condensation. Automatic drain with safety rod for manual drain.
  • De-greaser filter to eliminate residual pollutants. Manual drain.
  • Drying group with silica gel that reduces residual humidity in compressed air. Possibility or silica gel regeneration with TD3 PRO hot air flow SRS valve. Silica gel lasts max 1 year.
  • Heating element with 1200 W power controlled by an electronic unit with PID retroactive system and SCR heating power regulation

Pressure regulator: membrane regulation and automatic decompression
Air inlet: F 1/2"; air outlet: F 1/2"
Filtering power: air 5 µ - oil 0,01 µ

Maximum pressure: 174psi
Air consumption: 43cfm at 87psi
Weight: 40lbs