TD3 Pro

Cabin booth integrated air conditioning and thermoregulation system
Central body: anodised aluminum


  1. Synthetic fiber pre-filtering element that eliminates condensation. Automatic drain with safety rod for manual drain.
  2. De-greaser filter to eliminate residual pollutants. Manual drain.
  3. Drying group with silica gel that reduces residual humidity in compressed air. Possibility or silica gel regeneration with TD3 PRO hot air flow SRS valve. Silica gel lasts max 1 year.
  4. Active carbon filter to eliminate all impurities and obtain breathable air. Max oil residue < 0,0003 mg/m3.
  5. Heating element with 1.200 W power controlled by an electronic unit with PID retroactive system and SCR heating power regulation.


Pressure Regulator: membrane regulation and automatic decompression
Air inlet: F 1/2"; air outlet: F 1/2"
Filtering power: air 5 µ - oil 0,01 µ
Working pressure: 12 bar
Air consumption: 1200 ./min. a 6 bar
Weight: 21 Kg
REF. 60151