Walcom ThermoDry Products

The Walcom Thermodry auto painting systems are the very best option for both water-based and solvent-based systems.

Benefits to Using Our Products Include:

  1. Up to 40% drying time savings over traditional systems;
  2. The possibility of lowering paint booth temperature by at least 5°C over that recommended by paint manufacturers;
  3. Better paint layout;
  4. Gigher application speed;
  5. Elimination of brilliancy loss;
  6. Reduction of spot risks;
  7. “Orange peel” effect reduction;
  8. Full elimination of solid and gaseous impurities);
  9. Breathable filtered air;
  10. Lowering of the dew point;
  11. Automatic and timed silica regeneration;
  12. Constant compressed air and hose temperature to fully guarantee system efficiency.