Walcom Puts Body Shop Owner in a Good Mood

Published 12/31/2013


One reason for Moody’s explosive growth can be credited to his company’s employee ESOP stock ownership plan. “Our co-worker owners have a strong desire to embrace new technology,” Moody said. “But, you have to stay up on it and continually integrate it into your business, or you’ll get left behind. We really do our homework to make sure any new piece of equipment makes sense for us. We just don’t rush to buy it just because it’s the newest thing.”

Moody’s due diligence when researching new technology starts by polling other shops that are already using the technology. When Moody found out about Walcom® USA, LLC ThermoDry Technology (TD) system distributed by Collision Design Center, LLC, he travelled to another state to see it in action, he said. “We went up to a shop in New Hampshire and asked to talk to their painter. I didn’t want to talk to anyone else. I know that it’s the guy who uses it every day who’s going to give me a straight answer. He said he really liked it and told us that it decreased his drying time. He said he was using less product and the clear laid out better with the TD3 PRO.”

In simple terms, the TD3 PRO system heats the paint and atomizes it more efficiently than cold-compressed air. The machine regulates the heat right at the spray gun inlet, so that there’s less static pressure at the spray gun nozzle. When painters find out that the system minimizes die back, alleviates modeling, and saves materials, they immediately prefer it over the old way of applying paint. Once they learn how to use it, they’ll realize that things they used to have to do—such as denibbing and buffing—are minimized, while consistently getting a superior finish on every vehicle.

After testing the TD3 PRO, Moody purchased seven TD3 PRO units, all of which are paying big dividends in their locations.

Moody is seeing the results in both the bottom line and the finished product. “We’re saving at least 15 percent on paint and labor efficiency. Before we got these machines, we were waiting 10-12 minutes for the waterborne to flash between coats, but now the TD3 PRO cuts that down about five minutes. When we did the math, we figured we’re saving 1,000 hours on drying time by using this machine. That’s phenomenal!” In addition, Moody said, “The paint and the clears are drying so much faster that there’s less chance for dirt in the paint, which results in less buffing.”

Moody’s painting staff is already adept at using the TD3 PRO units, he said. “Our painters worked with the Walcom unit for a couple days, and they adapted quickly. Once they get a feel for the proper air pressure and decreased flash times, there is a very shallow learning curve. If you’re interested in this equipment, I would suggest getting it in your shop for a full day and have someone there from Walcom demonstrate firsthand the labor and material savings. Seeing is believing!”

Read more about Moody’s Collision Centers at http://www.moodyscollision.com, Collision Center Design at www.collisioncenterdesign.com, and Walcom USA at: http://www.walcomthermodry.com.