Clients Continue to Sing Our Praise

Published 07/24/2014

We love our customers and, apparently, they love us back. We continually get great feedback from them about our products. Here is the latest note we received: "Hi Rob, We opened the Bodyshop this week, the paint team loves the TD3’s. He said the clear lays down like a dream, and the finish and cycle time is...

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Walcom Thermodry Technology Announces the Walcom Challenge

Published 03/17/2014

Walcom Thermodry Technology has announced exciting details about the new Walcom Challenge, offered exclusively to AASP/NJ’s 37th annual NORTHEAST Automotive Services Show attendees. Visitors to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucas, NJ March 21-23 can sign-up for a free in-shop demonstration to take part in the Walcom Challenge. Walcom will demonstrate that their auto paint products...

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Davies Walcom Demo Results

Published 01/10/2014

Humidity 14%,  Temperature 68 degrees S10 noses With Walcom PRODUCTS AMOUNT HANDLED Application Flashtime Appearance 8590 vario sealer 10 oz wetter & better atomized 2:13 8:47 good layout Hi-TECH Basecoat 22oz faster 3:50 36.45   8046 Clearcoat 3:1 17 oz faster/increase gun speed 2:50   better texture   Second set of noses were for blending. The results were good for all blends even at low humidity with and without the Walcom. We find that the temperture on average for the...

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Lean Management Sends Lofrano & Son to Head of the Class

Published 12/31/2013 Written by Karyn Hendricks It is one thing to know that change is coming and another to embrace the change and make it happen. Although legislation requiring transition to waterborne paint will not go into effect in the Bay area until January 2010, Aaron Lofrano, in charge of F. Lofrano and Son, San Rafael shop,...

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Walcom Puts Body Shop Owner in a Good Mood

Published 12/31/2013 One reason for Moody’s explosive growth can be credited to his company’s employee ESOP stock ownership plan. “Our co-worker owners have a strong desire to embrace new technology,” Moody said. “But, you have to stay up on it and continually integrate it into your business, or you’ll get left behind. We really do our homework...

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