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The Walcom Thermodry auto painting systems is the very best option for both water-based and solvent-based systems. The patented Thermodry technology provides super clean, heated air that gives a near-perfect finish every time as well as providing quicker dry times all while using less paint. When auto finishes dry more quickly and use less paint—auto collision centers can paint more cars—thus making more profit. With satisfied customers across the United States, Walcom is establishing a well deserved reputation as the Paint System of choice for body shops, collision centers, hot rod shops, and restoration shops.

WALMEC, known for the GEO dual atomization spray-gun line, introduced in 2007 THE THERMODRY TECHNOLOGY: Heated and Thermo Regulated air delivery system free of humidity and gaseous impurities guarantees the technician superior atomization at the spray gun nozzle. This results in faster drying times, better paint flow out, lower paint consumption, and the elimination of imperfections in the finish.

WALCOM Is also the distributor of another Italian product TETRAX mobile phone car and bycicle holder